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The Press Gazette – 04 October 2022
When journalists use terms like GDP: 60% don’t know what they mean

BBC Radio 4 – 8 Jan 2021
CEO, Joe Earle in conversation with Amol Rajan as part of Rethink Fairness, the latest chapter in Radio 4’s Rethink project. Listen here.

Renegade Inc – 18 May 2020
Forbidden knowledge: The language of power
Head of Research & Schools Ali Norrish in conversation with Ross Ashcroft and Sarah Smith.

Unions21 – 30 Mar 2018
How do we make economics accessible to everyone?
Head of Engagement Antonia Jennings in conversation with Simon Sapper and Becky Wright

Talk Radio – 7 February 2018
Should a basic economics education at school be compulsory?
Co-Director Joe Richards in conversation with Paul Ross

Reasons To Be Cheerful – 15 January 2018
Economics 101: Time For A Reformation In Economic Thinking
Co-Director Victoria Waldersee in conversation with Ed Miliband

BBC – 22 November 2017
Budget Bingo
Victoria Waldersee with Joe Miller, BBC Economics Correspondent

The Guardian – 23 November 2017
Don’t be fooled by the ‘economicky words’ – this budget is all politics

Talk Radio – 16 October 2017
Are young people really that alienated from economics?
In conversation with Julia Hartley-Brewer

The Guardian – 2 June 2017
The economy is crucial to this election. So why all the confusing jargon?

BBC Business News – 5 May 2017
Facebook Live: 15–Minute Economics Jargon Buster
In conversation with Rachel Horne

Talk Radio – 9 Mar 2017
Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast 9:30am
In conversation with Paul Ross

BBC News – 8 Mar 2017
BBC World Business Report

The Independent – 28 Feb 2017
I, Daniel Blake exclusive roundtable with Ken Loach, Mark Steel, and Edith Bowman
Featuring Victoria Waldersee, Co-Director & Commissoning Editor

i News – 13 January 2017
Make 2017 the year you get your head around economics

Russia Today – 6 Jan 2017
Bank of England admits mistakes in Brexit predictions

The Daily Mail – 14 December 2016
“Is it time we reclaimed economics from the experts? Why it’s too important to be left to economists”
By Rachel Rickard Strauss

Times Higher Education – 1 October 2016
“New Website Helps People Think Like Economists
By Matthew Reisz

The Lauren Laverne Show, BBC 6 Music – 26 September 2016
In conversation with Lauren Laverne
Listen here (2 hrs 08 min 30 sec)

The Guardian – 31 July 2016
“The Econocracy has split Britain into experts and ordinary people”
By Joe Earle, Zach Wardin-Perkins, & Cahal Moran

Money International – 17 May 2016
Just What Do You Know About Economics?
By Rob Dawson

The Independent – 15 March 2016
“Only 12% of people can answer these economics questions – can you?”
By Caroline Mortimer