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At People’s Economy we believe economics is all around us, and everyone is part of the economy. Yet, most people wouldn’t say they understand what the economy is, or how they affect it. We want everyone to be able to talk about and shape the economy, so that the subject is no longer defined by confusing jargon and posh men in suits. 

Since 2015 we have been a UK leader in economics communication, creating innovative, engaging and accessible strategies to talk about the economy. Our news and entertainment platform ( is modelling a new way to talk about economic concepts and report on economic news. 

We also work with our community partners across the UK to create engaging written, video and audio content.

What is our expertise?

Our expertise lies in creating content that:

  • Finds engaging ways to links economic issues back to people’s everyday lives
  • Supports the development of confident spokespeople, using storytelling as a tool for change
  • Invests in a diversity of perspectives, covering stories about the economy that are often ignored
  • Is co-produced with people furthest from power, empowering them to tell their stories and ideas for change

What can we provide?

We work with community partners to support them to create high quality written, video and audio content that explores the economic angles and lived experiences of different issues, from health to housing, education to the environment.

The support we can provide includes:

  • Delivering accessible writing and video production workshops
  • Working one-to-one with community members to co-produce articles or videos
  • Working with your community to generate engaging user-generated content
  • Supporting the development of confident spokespeople with lived experience of economic issues

We work with organisations on a needs basis, and have funding to offer free or low cost support to partners working with marginalised communities.

Get in touch with us via media[at] to discuss how we can support your work.

We are also always looking for individuals to co-produce stories with, for our news and entertainment platform,

Do you or someone you know have a viewpoint to tell that needs to be heard? Find out more about how we can help you share your story.

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