Become a media partner

In 2016 YouGov asked the UK public if they felt “politicians and the media talk about economics in a way that is accessible and easy to understand”. Only 12 percent answered yes.

Since then we’ve carried out further research on how people feel about economics, and developed innovative, accessible and engaging strategies to create economic news, analysis and commentary.

We work with expert journalists and independent, local and national media organisations to help build better ways to communicate with the public about economics

What does it involve?

We work to support media organisations to create high quality written, video and audio content that explores the economic angles and lived experiences of different issues, from health to housing, education to climate change.

The support we provide is tailored to your needs and could involve:

  • Delivering training for your writers and reporters
  • Sourcing and developing real-life case studies
  • Identifying and working with community co-producers on specific issues
  • Delivering a content partnership, including creating a series of video, online and print content
  • Implementing a user-generated content campaign

Working with us you can:

  • Reinvigorate your economic reporting, making it more accessible, engaging and relevant to people’s everyday experiences – helping you to reach new audiences.
  • Develop strategies to build strong and trusting relationships with local and marginalised communities.
  • Build capacity to co-produce interesting and engaging news stories with individuals and communities – enabling you to surface fresh stories and angles that aren’t being covered

Get in touch with us on fatima.iftikhar[at] to discuss how we can partner together.

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