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Free trade, fiscal rules, financial contingency planning…there are a lot of ‘f’ words in economics, and all the jargon makes most of us just switch off. Yet we know that understanding the economy could really help us as we try to improve the world around us. That’s why at People’s Economy we’ve cut out the boring bits to bring you economics classes with a twist. Sessions explore everything from why housing is so expensive to how economics can help us address the climate crisis. And we don’t just look at economic problems that we face, we look at practical solutions too. We’ve even been featured in The Guardian! (under our old name, “Economy”)

Most of our workshops are free to attend, and you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of economics to get involved.

We run events all over the UK, in person and online.

I know today’s the last lesson, and I thought “Oh what a shame! Before this I probably wasn’t tapping into this type of topic- I’ve gained a lot of awareness.”

Karen, Manor House Crash Course participant

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