Join People’s Economy’s Changemaker Advisory Group 2023

About People’s Economy

People’s Economy works with communities in the UK facing economic injustice to reimagine, rebalance, and transform the economy.

We do this through direct support for changemakers, community education, and shaping the wider movement conditions for this work to be effective.

Within our work we define ‘changemakers’ as people who are from a community experiencing economic injustice and are working to achieve social, environmental or political change but might not yet be connecting their work to the economy or feel able to work on economic change.

We are setting up a Changemaker Advisory Group to help shape our community education on the economy and how to change it.

You don’t need to have done anything similar to this before or have a background in economics to join the group.

About the opportunity

We are looking for people to take up a paid opportunity to join the group who are ‘changemakers’, part of communities experiencing economic injustice.

We believe economic injustice looks like many things but includes:

  • Struggling to meet basic needs and access resources to live a secure and decent life. This includes but isn’t limited to food, work, housing, utilities, and healthcare.
  • Feeling disempowered and disconnected from networks, resources, and decision making. This means not having agency or control over important aspects of one’s life.
  • Experiencing oppression as a result of your identity. This could be due to historically embedded and structural inequalities between groups.

Download our advert PDF to find out more about the opportunity and who we are looking for. 

Changemaker Advisory Group

Monthly: 5 hours including a 1-2 hour online meeting
£100 per month
6 months, October 2023 – March 2024
Application Deadline
11.59pm Monday 28 August 2023

The group will meet once a month, for a 1-2 hour online meeting or workshop.

Group members will also be asked to do other tasks before or after each meeting. This could include reading short project planning documents; watching online workshops to give feedback; reviewing educational resource content; and sharing your perspectives on community education and economic injustice through written notes or conversations with members of the People’s Economy staff team.

Please reach out to us via email if you have any questions or support requests to complete the Expression of Interest form at:


Please fill in the expression of interest form here and a diversity monitoring form available here by 11.59pm Monday 28th August 2023.